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Meet Swig

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We love coffee.

We also love the idea of reusable coffee cups. That's why we created Swig: a premium reusable coffee cup for people on the go.

Choose your Swig and join the reusable coffee cup revolution.


Why Swig?

  1. Swig doesn’t spill

  2. Swig doesn’t leak

  3. Swig is super easy to clean

  4. With a premium glass interior, coffee in Swig tastes great



Swig (12oz)

Swig is the original large size Swig designed for coffee drinkers on the go.

With a 350ml capacity, Swig is great for regular and large barista coffees.

Swig Mini (8oz)

Swig Mini is smaller in stature, but packed full of the same great features! 

With a 220mL capacity, Swig Mini is great for smaller coffees and saving space in your bag. 

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We have 200 colour and size combinations so you can choose the perfect Swig for your life.

Simply choose your preferred size, mouthpiece colour, lid colour, and sleeve colour to create a Swig that is as unique as you are.

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Top Combinations

Can’t decide? Check out out most popular combinations below!